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Change of margin requirement for EUR/CHF

The margin requirements on EUR/CHF positions are going to be change starting 2 May 2014 More>>>

New version of VT Trader 2 

New version of VT Trader 2 platform was realized on 23rd of April 2014 More>>>

VT Trader 2 new instruments

VT Trader 2 platform become available with many new trading instruments only for accounts opened through International Trading School website MORE>>>

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VT Trader™ Key Features

Chart Based Trading

VT Trader 2.0 makes it easy by allowing you to trade directly on the Forex charts. You have the ability to point and click to open and close positions, drag and drop to change orders and zoom in on key sections of the charts. The intuitive interface keeps open positions visible, allowing you to see which are profitable or unprofitable.

Customizable Interface

Create your own personalized Forex trading interface to suit your trading style. You can dock charts any way you choose, manage multiple tabs, enable auto-hide features, use free-floating charts and more. Save your custom interface to use again or export to share with other traders.

120+ Technical Indicators

With International Trading School, you get access to all of the popular technical analysis indicators you would expect, as well as powerful new technical indicators that can help you take your Forex trading to the next level. VT Trader provides these along with notes explaining how to use each technical indicator.

Custom Technical Indicators

With our exclusive Indicator Builder feature, you can program your own technical indicators or build off of and improve existing ones. Even non-programmers can easily build indicators and share them with our Forex community in the VT Trader Forum.

Risk Management Tools

International Trading School offers a suite of risk management tools like Limit and Stop orders, Trailing Stops and more to help you manage risk and get an edge over the market. Add Trader’s Guardian risk management tools to your Forex trading strategy.

Custom Alerts

Stay on top of your Forex trades with VT Trader’s custom alerts. Forex traders know that the difference between a great trade and a mediocre one can sometimes be only a few minutes. Custom alerts make sure don’t miss your next big trade.

Forex Autopilot

Design and run your own Forex Autopilot trading system with VT Trader™. Generate Forex trades based on existing or custom automatic trading systems and trade Forex even when you’re away.


VT Trader is hosted in a redundant and secure facility so you can be confident that our servers will perform reliably and are under high levels of security. VT Trader is one of the fastest, most reliable Forex software available.

Dow Jones News

CMS Forex clients receive free access to the highly respected Dow Jones Newswire. Get in-depth currency information, actionable Forex news reports and market commentary.

Chart Pattern Recognition Technology

Easily identify Forex charting patterns in VT Trader™ 2.0 using our integrated pattern recognition technology. Our three-part video series helps you learn the basics of charting, the scanning process and how to integrate charting into your Forex trading strategies. Even if you are a seasoned Forex trader, VT Trader’s Chart Pattern Recognition Technology is likely the best you’ll see in the market.


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