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Change of margin requirement for EUR/CHF

The margin requirements on EUR/CHF positions are going to be change starting 2 May 2014 More>>>

New version of VT Trader 2 

New version of VT Trader 2 platform was realized on 23rd of April 2014 More>>>

VT Trader 2 new instruments

VT Trader 2 platform become available with many new trading instruments only for accounts opened through International Trading School website MORE>>>

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For whom are the courses designed?

The courses are designed for anyone who wishes to acquaint themselves with the possibilities which this profession offers or who wants to actively participate as a trader on the largest world markets. The course is of the upmost importance not only for those who are in this field in their private time, in banks, broker's houses and businesses who have contact with the stock exchange goods, but also those who accept trading as an attractive and dynamic profession with a potential to receive a continuous income from same. The course is targeted on knowledge which can be immediately and practically applied in practice.

Who can enroll in the course and is previous knowledge necessary?

Students who can enroll in this course can be between the ages of 17 and 77 years of age. It is precisely this fact which is learned during the course, that age is irrelevant, rather how capable you are to build habits which will make you successful in trading. Previous knowledge is not necessary, but is useful if a student has some. However, previous knowledge has no effect on whether you are successful in trading – the decisive factor isn't how much you know, but rather whether, and if, you use what you know!

What is the Aim of the Course?

The aim of the course is that students gain the knowledge which show them the essence of trading on the stock exchange and what is needed for someone to become a Professional Trader. Therefore, besides theoretical study, the student will acquaint himself/herself with the tools and methods of using the platform, psychology in trading, strategies in trading and something which is thought of as indispensible by our students thus far, and that is the practical aspect and work on a professional trader's platform. One thing is for certain in this profession, and that is, that trading cannot be learnt without the practical aspect.

The Course Structure

The course is organized according to Western standards where lectures are very interactive and are complimented by multimedia tools. From the first day the student gets his trader chair with a completely furnished computer trading work station which is directly connected to numerous world financial markets. Every student has the opportunity to work on a trader's platform which possesses all the necessary tools which the largest percent of traders use in practice. The testing of students' knowledge by the lecturer is a continuous process throughout all the days of the course so that a student can through his/her work, problem solving, and frequent tests gets the chance to show his understanding of the subject matter. After course completion, the school issues the certificate regarding the successful completion of the first level of Professional Trading.

What happens after the course?

This is one of the few professions which knows no boundaries. Today literally from every country you can work in this profession and all the problems which are inherent in every standard job are overcome in this work – business. You don't have the problem of acquisition of goods, transportation, marketing, storage, accounts payable, workers' wages etc...You have liquidity in the matter of seconds and can place capital or withdraw same. You have the results of your trading in a matter of seconds and you can place your capital limitless number of times 24 hours daily. Also if you change your place of living or you frequently travel you won't lose your business because your business is always with you and within 5 minutes you can be in business from whichever place in the world, even from your own yacht. All you need is an internet connection and a computer with a platform for trading. The most benefits will come to those students who have the possibility to trade on the world stock markets like traders-dealers in banks, private parties who can open a trading account, people who have contacts with international investors, companies who work with stock exchange goods and many more. At the same time there is always an opportunity that if they show good results in the mentor program, they can be referred and can then obtain by management a part of the money of some foreign investment fund or private foreign investor with whom such a business deal can be made. The school is also able to recommend and refer to all banks and other companies people who have successfully completed the course for newly opened work positions in their Dealing Rooms.


Forex trading can involve the risk of loss beyond your initial deposit. It is not suitable for all investors and you should make sure you understand the risks involved, seeking independent advice if necessary.


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